Reasons Why you Should Choose a Steel Type Container from Instead of the Other Types

One challenging aspect of fully renovating your office is finding a safe and secure space to store your physical assets temporarily without interrupting your operations. Renting an office space in a commercial building is not a good idea, especially at this time. Apart from being expensive, an office space ties you with a long-term contract. In addition, moving to a new address will cost you a considerable amount of overhead and worst, valuable clients.

A Lucky Option


Luckily, offers containers that you can convert into your office. You can lease our containers on a short-term basis, but if your company is happy with it and hopes to have full ownership of the container, you can purchase it as well.

It may seem weird to turn a container from as an office and not just a storage when you’ve seen it a lot of times used only in construction sites. This may surprise you, but the truth is some of our clients have converted our ISO certified containers into bars, restaurants, breakrooms and extension offices. As long as you have a suitable and large enough space to fit the container, it shouldn’t be an issue running your business in it.

Expense vs. Value

A container may be an expensive purchase, but it is still a valuable investment. Your office equipment will lose their value over five or ten years, but a container, especially a steel type can last for more than twenty years. In the long run, owning a container can present you with a commendable amount of cost savings. After your main office has been completed, you can retain the set up in the container, or change its function just by adding a few embellishments. Since our containers are portable, you can also move part of your business with it if you decide to expand operations at a different location later on.

Customization Option

Our company can customize your container depending on your business needs. If you need to keep all of your office documents organized, let us know via, so we can give you recommendations although, some of the important details about our containers are already indicated in the website. For example, our containers require the space to have a linear clearance of 80 to 120 feet, a minimum width of 10 feet and height of 14 feet.

Your Other Options

Prior to requesting a quote from us, it is essential to determine what type of container you’d like to lease or purchase then inform us about it. In general, you can choose from four types of containers based on material:

1. Metal Container

This type is the most reasonably priced and most versatile. It is also the most stable and reliable and one of the strongest. If it takes time to complete your main office’s renovation, a metal container is highly recommended. Just keep in mind that it is naturally dense, so it can be heavy and bulky. Therefore, you may need a wider space than what we specified in our website. This is to accommodate other equipment and installations around the container.

2. Plastic Container

If most of your office equipment are light or highly portable, getting this type is practical. Aside from being inexpensive, it does not require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Unlike a metal container, this type only comes in small sizes.

3. Wooden Container

Wood is rarely used as a material for movable containers. Like metal container, it provides a casual and relaxing ambience. Furthermore, it allows a good ventilation. If you plan to use this container for a few months, you may just need to install a few air conditioning units. If you also have a bar, a small restaurant or a spa as a business, a wooden container might just set the right mood for your patrons.

4. Fiberglass containers

Storage-containersThis type is also rare and expensive. Similar to a metal type, a fiberglass container may be used for a long period. A high quality fiberglass is not likely to rust, fade or peel over time, but it still requires constant cleaning and maintenance. If your temporary office will be located in the city, along roads with heavy traffic or even near a body of water, then a fiberglass container is a great choice, together with the metal type.

Although only offers metal containers at this time, the freedom we provide clients in customizing their containers shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of them. Aside from being weather-resistant, our steel containers may be equipped with high-security lock boxes upon your request. This is to protect your assets from unwanted elements and criminal activities like burglary.

While you have three other types of containers to choose from, the steel containers available at are your best and most practical option. Our containers don’t just have a commanding presence, they also guarantee the protection and security of your business assets. Lastly, they’re suitable for conducting most types of business. Just imagine the different functions it can provide your company as soon as you have full owner rights.

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